Emanuel Seitz   
o.T., 2016, acrylic on paper, 29,7x21

Born 1973 in Dingolfing (Germany)
Lives and works in Munich (Germany)

The Peters-Messer collection contains seven medium-format acrylic paintings on paper by Emanuel Seitz. All were painted in 2016 and are titled o.T. or Untitled. Due to the restriction to two or three colours, as well as the focus on simple cones, ellipses or rectangles, the painting appears accessible and closed at the same time. “I do not use painting as an end in itself, but in order to realize an idea”, the painter once said about his artistic approach. “Formerly, my concept was to perceive landscape. Now I rather perform an abstract exploration of colour fields. This also forms a kind of landscape. Or depth. Or spatiality. The painting Ohne Titel (Untitled, 2016) shows how spatiality can be conceived differently: the geometric form of three interconnected brown rectangular surfaces against a turbulent violet background could be read as a stylized view of the shape of a table, bar or bench. Or one thinks of a compressed form. If you begin to speculate, you are already immersed in the intermediate realm between clarity and ambiguity.