BOOK RELEASE | DISTANZ Verlag | December 1, 2020
The exhibition "Time for Outrage" is accompanied by a 128-page catalogue in German and English published by DISTANZ Verlag, including a foreword by Felix Krämer, texts by Linda Peitz and Florian Peters-Messer and a conversation between Daniela Steinfeld and Monica Bonvicini.

Anger and anger have shaped the discourse about social interaction in politics and the population for years. Conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic, abuse of violence by the executive branch due to skin color or “fake news” to negate the climate crisis are some of these worrying developments by populist politicians and media makers. In contrast, there is the figure of the “angry citizen” who angrily turns his back on established political systems and loses himself in right-wing populist caricatures or irrational conspiracy theories. Democracy seems to be in crisis.

The exhibition and accompanying publication Outrage Yourself! Art in Times of Anger takes these current symptoms of an endangered democracy as its starting point and brings together a large number of renowned artistic positions that show, reflect and comment on anger and anger in our society. Monica Bonvicini, Andrea Bowers, Miriam Cahn, Thomas Hirschhorn, Hiwa K, Klara Lidén, Zanele Muholi and many others sit down in installations, photographs, videos, paintings and sculptures. m. dealing with current political power shifts. The approximately 60 works can be read as a seismographic discussion of political action that shows injustices in our society, analyzes them and breaks them down with irony. With texts by curators Linda Peitz and Florian Peters-Messer and a foreword by Felix Krämer.

Empört Euch! Kunst in Zeiten des Zorns
 Linda Peitz & Florian Peters-Messer, Kunstpalast Düsseldorf


 17 × 24,5 cm 

128 pages, images in color, Hardcover

: 978-3-95476-345-0

Publishing date:
 Dezember 2020

 32 Euro

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