PODCAST | Talking Heads Weserburg | July 14, 2022
Florian Peters-Messer talks with Weserburg director Janneke de Vries about his passion for art, collecting and curating

The entrepreneur Florian Peters-Messer from Viersen is an art collector with heart and soul. He has been closely associated with the Weserburg Museum of Modern Art since 2018, when, in the series "Young Collections" entitled "What Paradise?" presented excerpts of works from his holdings. To this day, the Peters-Messer Collection is always there as an important partner for the Weserburg's work when it comes to artistic positions that brush history against the grain and engage with society.

Florian Peters-Messer talks with Janneke de Vries about dedicated teachers, the neuroses of the collector, the socio-political mission he associates with his collecting activities, the desire to give a voice to resistant art, the collectors' collective Art'Us Collectors' Collective, the interest in curatorial work, the curiosity about the subjects of younger artists, or the advantages of slowness and sharpness in increasing age.

Listen to the podcast here .